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Repiping is the process of replacing the old pipes with new copper or PEX pipes, restoring free-flowing, fresh, and healthy water to your family. Over a period of time, old galvanized pipes can burst, oxidizing and filling up with mineral deposits, consequent in poor water pressure, corrode-colored water, and other unpleasant and unnatural effects.  It happens due to presence of excess flux and weak soldered fitting because when you heat a metal, it deteriorates and the durability of the pipe gets compromised.

Different types of pipes:

  • Copper Pipe
  • PEX Tubing
  • PVC/CPVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) Pipep4

Possible causes that your home needs repiping:

  • Major change in water pressure
  • Rusty or Discolored water from faucets
  • Scalding hot water in the shower when a faucet is turned on
  • Do you have water dripping from the ceiling or wall?
  • Water running or dripping sound
  • damp smell

Repiping your Home is a most important job and leak squad services do the best to ensure that the job is finalized as quickly as possible with a very slight disruption to you. We manage all the permits and inspections plus leaving your home exactly the way we found.

Call our experts at 239-995-5325 and let one of our skilled plumbing specialists inspect your home.