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Water Heaters

Leak Squad offers professional water heater installation, replacement and repair services. We understand that when you rely on Leak Squad services, you can expect professional and the highest quality service from our licensed plumbers. You will get water heater service as quickly as possible, as we offer 24/7 emergency service to the clients. Even though, a replacement of water heater is required, our experts will help you to arrange the best which will suit your budget, of course taking into considerations the requirement of the family and energy consumption.

Bradford-white-heaters-installationWe support all brands and any type of Water Heater Services:

  • Conventional Water Heater

  • Tank-less Water Heater

  • Hybrid Heat pump Water Heater

  • Solar Water Heater Systems

Some important facts:

  • In order to make the water heater work better, less energy consumption and last longer, regular servicing is required.

  • Routine maintenance includes Draining, flushing, cleaning out of a firebox and overall cleaning around the heater to maintain the proper air flow for a more effective way.

  • Do not store soaps, detergents or chemicals around your heater that can form corrosive vapors and cause failure.

Call our experienced and skilled plumbers at 239-995-5325 for any type of water heater servicing, water treatment services, repair or replacement whether its gas or electric water heater and you will get the right water heating solution.